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With vast experience and the drive to use state of the art components, our aim is to deliver the equipment you require for the job at hand. We have a long history of delivering systems to markets as diverse as fighter airplanes and manned submersibles.

Extensive knowledge

Embedded systems

Mechanical development

Guidance and control systems

Software development

Electronical design

Project management

Innovative-Adapting to your requirements

The systems we deliver are tailored to your requests and manufactured to your application. Whether you order a one of a kind deep-diving ROV or need an off the shelf product, our standard is always special.


Working with a well-renowned company in the aquaculture industry, Ocean Robotics has developed a net cleaning robot. The robot, with 6 degrees-of-freedom controls, is equipped to perform net cleaning as well as traditional ROV tasks both in- and offshore.


Ocean Robotics has delivered several custom-made ROV platforms aimed at research and exploration. From scientific machines with extensive sensor and manipulation capacity to 6000m rated treasure hunting robots.


In collaboration with the world leading company ECOsubsea, one of the most effective and environmentally friendly hull cleaning robots have been built. The robots are currently operating in some of the world’s most busy ports, helping ship owners meet environmental challenges and cutting fuel costs.

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