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The products on this page are all from our stock range. Bear in mind that all systems can be altered in any way, to suit your needs. Our standard product is always special!

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Aegir 25

A big performer in a small package, bringing earlier unheard-of capacity to the one-man portable ROV market. It is designed for demanding tasks within inshore operation as well as for costal and offshore operations where a small, powerful ROV is needed.

Length: 690mm

Width: 450mm

Height: 410mm

Weight: 28kg

Depth: 500m

Power: 1500W

Tether: Up to 500m


NJORD is an extremely competent Observation Class ROV designed to fulfill the toughest specifications for use on-board offshore service vessels and platforms. Building on decades of experience from the offshore industry this ROV incorporates many features normally only found in work-class vehicles and packs them into a machine with intuitive 6-degrees of freedom control.

Length: 1350mm

Width: 750mm

Height: 625mm

Weight: 225kg

Depth: 3000m

Power: 10000W

Tether: Up to 1000m (+TMS umbilical)

Aegir 50

The ROV is a highly stable platform for all kind of video, sonar and manipulator work. Thanks to the adaptable design of the ROV it can easily be equipped with the same electronics pack as used in our offshore ROVs, to enable a multitude of sensor and actuator attachments.

Length: 1050mm
Width: 720mm
Height: 590mm
Weight: 85kg

Depth: 750m

Power: 5000W

Tether: Up to 2500m

Aegir 250

Aegir 250 is built to be a capable performer on observation as well as light work tasks. More powerful than any ROV in its’ class it is built like a work ROV, with 7 thrusters to give full control also in the pitch and roll directions and enable heavy lifting and manipulator work.

Length: 1350mm

Width: 1000mm

Height: 850mm

Weight: 350kg

Depth: 1000m

Power: 15-20kW

Tether: Up to 2500m

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The systems we deliver are always adapted to your application and manufactured to your requests: Our standard product is always special!