ROV operations are important parts of most activities in the offshore industry. Being critical links in the chain of services, Observation Class ROVs as well as Work Class ROVs operate during long hours in the toughest conditions and with extremely high demands on reliability and availability. 

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Ocean Robotics ROV systems are based on more than 30 years’ experience from Offshore ROVs. Each vehicle specified to give the perfect balance between power and manoeuvrability are designed and built to:

  • deliver high performance in a compact format,
  • be extremely reliable during  heavy work in tough conditions,
  • require a minimum of service and maintenance,
  • be easy to handle and manoeuvre,
  • be flexible and able to grow with the customers’ needs in terms of additional sensors and equipment,
  • to give our customers a low total cost of ownership.

From the smallest ROV Aegir 15-4D, able to fly in to a 400 mm hole and the ROV Aegir 25-4D which is also suited for inspection within structures and fly off applications to the extremely capable sensor carrier ROV NJORD and the offshore rated TMS RAN, all Ocean Robotics systems are compact vehicles with extensive power. Based on our state of the art XCS control system and fitted with our own brushless thrusters , they offer manoueverability for extraordinary tasks where the use of larger observation class ROVs is impossible.


OceanRobotics ROV AEGIR-15-4D


The ROV AEGIR 15-4D is an extremely compact ROV with enough power and stability for all kinds of video, still image and sonar work. Its vectorized thruster configuration gives good performance in all directions while enabling easy control. A small projected diameter makes the vehicle perfect for confined space exploration. 

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OceanRoboticsROV Aegir50 190


ROV AEGIR 50-5D is the workhorse of Ocean Robotics compact OBS ROVs. Using the revolutionary DualStability™ system to ensure that the ROV platform is as steady as possible under all differing circumstances, this vehicle presents a perfect base for tomorrows high resolution sensors. Equipped with 7 reliable brushless thrusters giving ample thrust capacity. 

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NJORD is an extremely competent Observation Class ROV designed to fullfill the toughest specification for the use on board offshore service vessels and platforms. Featuring 6DOF controls  and class-leading system interfaces NJORD pushes the envelope for obs-machines.

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