Diving companies facing a variety of underwater tasks require compact and powerful ROVs that are easy to launch and to operate. Reliable, high quality lights and video equipment make the difference in their daily operations.

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The stability and precise manoeuvring of our compact observation ROVs makes them ideal for inspection work with cameras and sonar systems. With powerful thrusters they keep going even in moving waters. The open framework design makes it easy to extend the system with additional tools and sensors, to enable long term and cost efficient use of the investment.

Our robust diving systems are available as units for fixed installations as well as portable waterproof units. Equipped with reliable high intensity LED lights and high quality video cameras they enable full control over illumination, camera settings, video and voice recording as well as capture of still images.


OceanRobotics ROV AEGIR-25-4D


The ROV AEGIR 25-4D is a big performer in a small package, bringing earlier unheard-of capacity to the small OBS-ROV market. It is designed for demanding tasks within inshore operation as well as for costal and offshore operations where a small, powerful ROV is needed. 

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OceanRoboticsROV Aegir50 190


ROV AEGIR 50-5D is the workhorse of Ocean Robotics compact OBS ROVs. Using the revolutionary DualStability™ system to ensure that the ROV platform is as steady as possible under all differing circumstances, this vehicle presents a perfect base for tomorrows high resolution sensors. Equipped with 7 reliable brushless thrusters giving ample thrust capacity. 

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OceanRobotics DivingSystem SAGA-Slim 190


SAGA Slim is a miniature unit for control of diver equipment. It features complete control of video and lighting at the hands of the dive master.

The unit can be supplied with video overlay and mission depth profiling and interfaced to intercom and recording equipment.

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OceanRobotics DivingSystem SAGA-Rugged 190 2

SAGA Rugged

SAGA Rugged is a unit for the mobile diver. Housed in a durable case, water-proofed and with a true daylight readable touch-screen this unit can contain all comms equipment needed for diving operations.

SSD based video and intercom recording and snapshots, control of diver cameras and lights are all standard. Easily equipped to handle diver intercom, wireless team intercom, video overlaying and mission depth profiling.

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OceanRobotics Camera-LWZ

CAMERA LWZ (low weight zoom)

The LWZ camera is a small and low-weight camera that still utilizes the very best sensor elements and give the user ample possibilities for manual settings besides the automatic modes.

Dimensions: Ø65, L99mm (excl. connector), weight 50g (in water)

Zoom: 10x optical, Focus: Auto/man, 10mm to infinity

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OceanRobotics Camera Mini 190


The Camera Mini is Ocean Robotics miniature camera, for use on all types of underwater equipment in need of a capable, small sized camera. 

Dimensions: Ø30mm, L 130mm (excl. connector)

Weight: 200g in air, 100g in water

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OceanRobotics LED-40-2k

LED 40-2k

A powerful LED in a small package. The LED 40-2k can be delivered in various light temperatures from warm to cold and in different power ranges up to 2000lumen light output.

Dimensions: Ø44, L65mm (excl. connector), weight 70g (in water)

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